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+ Updated with videos of the actual performances (media heavy !)

+Updated with video preview.

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Recently, the 9 ladies of SNSD were invited to perform at the MBC 2011 Christmas Variety Special. High quality images taken during the performance have now been officially released online for fans to enjoy :).As always, our favourite ladies came out looking extremely gorgeous in the various costumes that they wore during the entire show.

So, without further ado, here’s some Christmas Soshi goodness for you :lol:.

(The videos of the actual show is now out. All I can say is that the Girls’ performances are one of the best that I have seen so far (especially the English covers of the various Christmas hits :lol:). SNSD Jjang 😀 !!!)

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by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources: zheming@soshified.com, MBC, SoshiSoshiSoshi3@youtube.com, monmonsnowSeason5@youtube.com, XSports News