Update: Youtube links to the remixes added (see tracklist). You can purchase the maxi single on iTunes.

Since entering the American market in October, it was said that SNSD would release a maxi-single sometime in November – however, this was soon put on hold indefinitely. Despite its postponement, fans will be delighted (and simultaneously devastated for their wallets) to know that the maxi-single, also titled ‘The Boys’, has officially been announced for release on December 20.

The maxi single will include eight different versions of their hit ‘The Boys.’ Except for the last two tracks (one an instrumental and the other an a cappella version), there will be a total of five remixes on the CD, as well as the original studio version of the title song. Teddy Riley’s remix, I believe, was heard and performed to at the 2011 Mnet Asian Music Awards. Previews of each track can be listened to on Amazon.


  1. The Boys
  2. The Boys (feat. Snoop Dogg) [Clinton Sparks & Disco Fries Remix]
  3. The Boys (feat. Lil Playy) [Clinton Sparks & Disco Fries Remix]
  4. The Boys *Bring Dem Boys* (feat. Suzi)
  5. The Boys *Bring Dem Boys Out* (David Anthony Remix)
  6. The Boys *Bring the Boys* (Teddy Riley Remix)
  7. The Boys (Instrumental)
  8. The Boys (A Cappella)

Typically, maxi-singles contain mostly remixes of a title song, so it really isn’t a surprise that there isn’t a b-side song included, as unfortunate as it may be.

The maxi-single is just another item on the exhaustive list of goodies SM Entertainment has already and will be churning out before the end of 2011, including the Holiday photo book in Japan, the Mr Taxi version of the third studio album, SMTOWN’s Winter Album (Dec 13), the Japanese concert tour DVD/blu-ray (Dec 14), and the Japanese repackaged album (Dec 28).

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