On SNSD’s new reality show, “Girls’ Generation and Dangerous Boys”, the girls are tasked with mentoring five troubled teenagers from different areas of Korea, hoping to solve their problems and see positive change in their characters. The first episode aired on Sunday, December 18th.

On this first episode, SNSD and viewers alike were introduced to the five ‘dangerous’ boys. They are: Hwang Yonghyun who doesn’t pay attention in class, talks back to teachers and constantly lies, Park Kyungkyu who isn’t on speaking terms with either of his parents and is known for being violent (but despite all that wants to change), tall and timid Kim Seonghwan who is passionate about music but careless about everything else, Kim Hwehoon who messes around day and night without any purpose or goals in life, and Goo Jisoo whose sleepy smile, deep voice and immaculate school uniform could fool you into thinking he’s a good kid.

Although not the worst of the worst, especially when compared to what would be considered dangerous in the West, the boys are still restless youths who come from troubled backgrounds and have difficulties of their own. Their crimes range from run-ins with the law to drinking and smoking to sleeping in class, but what they all share is an indifferent, I-don’t-give-a-fuck attitude. They don’t seem to think they’re extraordinary or special, they think life is easy, they do as they please, they’re devoid of any hopes or dreams; they’re living life aimlessly. Ultimately, they need guidance, and that’s where SNSD comes in.

Maknae is not amused.

Admittedly, I wasn’t expecting much from this show when it was first announced, but the pilot episode left me pleasantly surprised. The selected boys, who seem to be willing to accept change, offer up an interesting dynamic to the nine members of SNSD. The lighthearted atmosphere yet serious nature of the show was also very engaging. Whether or not the girls can cut to the core of the boys’ problems remains speculation, but there’s no doubt that they are eager to help these kids turn their lives around. This show just might work because the boys also want to get their lives back on track.

According to AGB Nielsen Media Research, the very first broadcast of the show recorded the highest national viewership rating (1.299%) among the four general program channels of the day. Let’s hope the show continues to draw in a large viewership and that the girls can successfully help the boys start anew.

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