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On December 4, all nine members of SNSD participated in an exclusive fansigning event organised by J.Estina at Lotte’s main department store in Seoul.

Customers who had purchased items from J.Estina between November 25th to the 30th were eligible to attend, but ultimately only a lucky 400 were selected at random and thus given the opportunity to meet the ladies of SNSD.

SNSD started endorsing J.Estina in October 2011, promoting a line of bags titled ‘SNSD Backpack’, which has immensely impacted the brand’s sales: a month ago  signed J.Estina bags were sold in under ten minutes, and customers have even had to pre-order bags due to the huge demand. With the holiday season fast approaching, a colourful Christmas-themed promotional photo was released, to which a J.Estina representative has stated that, due to the success resulting from SNSD’s  commercials, they anticipate the new SNSD Christmas advertisement to be equally as effective.

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