Even though we saw SNSD wrap up promotions last week, they still managed to take home a fourth win on Music Bank against Wonder Girls, meaning that they would return to the show the following week. Meeting again for the second time on November 25, the two K-pop powerhouses went head to head for the number one spot and, with only 123 points separating the groups, SNSD secured their fifth K-chart win in a row for ‘the Boys’!

Despite the very small 123-point margin, this win displays SNSD’s unwavering popularity in Korea. (Just a little side, click here to listen to Sunny count the point difference. d:) Overall, SNSD have won the Music Bank K-chart 32 times.

Congratulations to SNSD! They were truly born to win~
Check out their backstage interview, performance and win after the cut!


(Look out for Yuri messing up the fanchant during the encore!)

Source: , SMTOWN