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With the Girls scheduled to arrive in Sunny Singapore on the 29th of November for the MAMA 2011 event, and again on the 9th and 10th of December for their first solo concert here, the island nation is slowly, but surely, gearing itself up for Soshi-fever ;).From one of our local telecom service providers (StarHub) offering free Soshi concert tickets for the 1st 50 sign-ups for their new mobile phone plans, to the main local English newspaper doing a review of “The Boys” CD ( a first as they usually only showcase the mainstream English, Mandarin, and sometimes Japanese music releases :)), Singapore is certainly gearing itself up to welcome the 9 ladies to our shores.

Getting in on the action (and helping to fan the Soshi-flame at the same time 😀 !), the local teen magazine Teenage has decided to dedicate it’s December issue to the 9 ladies of Soshi.

From the iconic SNSD image on its front cover (first seen in the Girls’ 1st Japan Arena Tour 2011), to the Tiffany and Co. inspired diamond-studded imagery of the Teenage magazine banner (even the front cover photo layout is arranged horizontally to accommodate the 9 ladies :)), the entire issue screams out “SNSD” !

Within the magazine covers, 2 full articles are dedicated to the Girls; the first giving a quick thumbnail sketch of their musical hits in their career so far, since their debut in 2007, and the second, a rather insightful analysis of the 9 ladies personalities according to their horoscope signs (surprisingly, 9 of the 12 horoscope signs are represented here ;)).

As an additional sweetener, a contest is also included whereby the 4 best fanmade welcome cards to the Girls will each win a pair of tickets to see the 9 ladies live on the 10th of December 2011. For the rest, a beautifully designed poster of the magazine front cover image is included as a keepsake :).

All in all, this, I believe, is the most comprehensive coverage of the Girls so far in our fair nation of Singapore, proving yet again that the dreams of our beloved earthly angels to achieve world domination in the music scene is slowly, but surely, coming to fruition. SNSD Jjang !

(Read on for the full article details featured in the magazine.)

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources: Teenage magazine