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On tonight’s Music Bank, South Korea’s top girl groups Wonder Girls and SNSD went head to head for the K-Chart #1. While this was the Wonder Girls’ first time entering the K-Chart with their song “Be My Baby,” it was SNSD’s fourth week contending for the number one spot, having won the previous three shows with “The Boys.”

SNSD took their fourth consecutive win this week.

Overall, SNSD have won the Music Bank K-Chart 31 times, an unprecedented record. CONGRATULATIONS, SOSHI!!!! :]

Creeper SooTae won’t stop staring at you ’til you to hit the ‘continue reading’ link. (Videos under the cut.)


This week’s winner was also to perform the runner up’s title song but unfortunately, SNSD’s take on “Be My Baby” was not aired, presumably due to time constraints. Crossing my fingers fancafes were there to film it.

Source: SM Entertainment, UnknownCarrot180