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+ Updated with images of the DVD and Blu-ray cover designs.

Reacting faster than expected (reference the number of years that it took to see the Girls’ 1st Asian Concert Tour out in DVD format ;)), SM Entertainment has announced that the 9 ladies’ 1st Japan Tour Concert will be released for sale in both DVD and Blu-ray formats 😀 !

Announced on the 11th of November 2011, the news that all J-SONEs (and all SONEs in general, to be honest) have been waiting for, a tangible memento of the awesome concert performances that the 9 ladies put up whilst in Japan earlier this year, has certainly caused a visible stir in the environment that is Soshidom :).

As always, the item will come in both Regular and Limited Edition versions, for both the DVD and Blu-ray sets.

The Limited Edition set will come with a photobook, special video footage, as well as a 10 pin-badge set. Both the DVD, as well as the Blu-ray set will have these items included, the main difference being that the badges for the Blu-ray set will be in gold, whilst the DVD set badges will be in silver.

The photobook will contain cuts from the limited edition “Girls’ Generation’s First Japan Tour Memorial Book”. The pin-badges will be stored in a special cosmetic case, and the whole package will come in special caramel storage box, with a fold-out digipack for the DVD/Blu-ray, the photobook and the aforementioned pin-badges in the cosmetic case.

To top it off, SM also released a special photobook of the Girls’ Japanese experience, entitled “Holiday”. In it, it is stated:

“As their treasured ‘Holiday’ arrives, it is packed with the member’s wide smiles. From party fashion to casual style, it is distinctly different from the usual classic style clothes; it’s full of casual fashion with a touch of pop.”

The photobook and DVD/Blu-ray set can currently be purchased from CDJapan website.

1) DVD (Regular Edition)

2) DVD (Limited Edition)

3) Blu-ray (Regular Edition)

4) Blu-ray (Limited Edition)

5) The SNSD photobook

DVD Cover Design

Blu-ray Cover Design

Well, it certainly looks like SONEs everywhere are going to be broke again for the rest of 2011, doesn’t it 😉 ? Ah, the Life of a SONE indeed :D.

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

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