An upcoming Korean Cable network has announced a show starring Girls’ Generation. Prepare your television sets for GGX (Girls’ Generation xperience).

On November 15th, jTBC, a brand new television network in Korea made a splash, as they announced a special weekend program centered around Girls’ Generation.  Although the show has only been given the tentative title, “SNSD Show”, the producers have already revealed that they are planning to air the show as part of their weekend lineup.  Some sources claim that they will be airing the show every Sunday from 7-9:10PM.  This would put it in direct competition with popular Korean shows like “I Am a Singer 2”, and “1 Night 2 Days”.

OSEN, a Korean news media site, recently called for more information regarding the show.  It was revealed by jTBC that the program “will be a real variety show with Girls’ Generation as the key people. Girls’ Generation will be the center of the show, but there is a possibility of others guests starring as well.”

While the term “variety” show can be very broad, more information will be revealed as the shows nears it’s air date.  It has been confirmed that the girls will begin recording on November 20th and the show will be produced by Yoon Hyun Joon, famous for producing shows like Music Bank, Win Win and Imagine Plus.

Girl’s Generation has previously mentioned their desire to host their own radio show in an interview, so i would imagine that getting their own variety program is just as exciting. They will be the first Kpop girl group in Korea to get their own network variety show where they will star as the main cast.  Fans can definitely look forward to enjoying more Soshi Variety in the near future.  It is expected that the show will air some time in December, to coincide with the debut of jTBC, which begins broadcasting on December 1st.

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