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(Alternate video link to the said episode)

Last night, four SNSD members guested on Strong Heart. As seen in the clip above, YoonYul and TaeNy go head to head in a talk battle: Yoona and Yuri’s story reveals the not-so-shocking truth about SNSD’s demanding eating habits and using SNSD’s name for fast chicken delivery, while Taeyeon and Tiffany share an anecdote about Sooyoung and Tiffany making on-flight announcements, the latter really not being funny when doing so.

Also in the episode (but not in the subbed cut), Yoona described her ideal type as someone who can make her heart race, like when they stroke her hair or call her cute. (2Yoon anybody!?)


Moreover, actress Song Chae Hwan brought her 8 year old daughter, whose nickname is Little Yoona, onto the set of Strong Heart fulfil her wish of meeting Yoona.

Credit: taenacity for subs, imwhywhy&fanwonder@fanwonder.com, carrotshownew@youtube