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On November 7th 2011, Tiffany finally showcases as Carmen Diaz on the Korean stage performance of the musical “Fame”.

Performing at the Seoul Dongsoong Art Centre, Tiffany’s stage musical debut attracted a fair amount of coverage from the Korean television and print media. Together with the other cast members, which included Super Junior’s Eunhyuk (who plays Tyrone Jackson), as well CSJH’s Lina, the entire performance received a fair amount of praise from all who had a chance to witness it live.

When interviewed later by the media, Tiffany had this to say on the matter:

I was wrapped up in rehearsals from 12 in the afternoon to midnight. I had never done this before, not even during rehearsals for Girls’ Generation. But because I enjoy doing both and they both mean a lot to me, I don’t think I can choose one over the other.”

Tiffany continued, “I’ve always liked ’Fame’. I was presented with the opportunity and accepted it right away. I’m sad because I couldn’t practice as much as I wanted to due to my busy schedule. I think if I had a little bit more time, I could do better.” She added, “Still, I improved a lot in a short amount of time with the help of a lot of people. Because I’m lacking in many ways, I leaned on my efforts in singing, dancing, everything.”

Inspite of all the fame that she has achieved so far as part of the most popular Korean girl group in the world, our dear “eye-smiles lady” is still so humble in her attitude towards her achievements so far ;). Tiffany, you are the best 😀 !!!

 What’s a good post without some pic-spam, right ? So, sit back and enjoy the photo images, plus the showcase video of our dear Tiffany in her debut role in “Fame” !

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Tiffany’s “Fame” Musical Showcase Video

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

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