If the picspam post of the Gyeongju Hallyu Dream Festival didn’t suffice, today we also bring you video from the event! The broadcast aired on MNET on October 6th, three days after actual festival on the 3rd.

Hoot performed in Genie outfits, anyone?! ;D

Performances: Hoot | Genie | Ending – Arirang

Tell Me Your Wish (Genie):

Ending – Arirang (skip to 3:38; the cameraman loves SNSD… and did you see Subyung at the very end?!)

Backstage interview: (part 2 – Sooyoung eating again…)

Fancams: Taeyeon (Genie) | Taeyeon (red carpet) | JeTi love | Ending dorkiness | SUBYUNG

Taeyeon (Genie)
Super dorks during the ending
And just ’cause I can post it… SUBYUNNGG!!

Credit: CrazyCarrotExtra2@youtube.com for broadcast performances, withsosiz9dot2@youtube.com, and all other fansites via respective youtube uploaders