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The 2 biggest Korean industry SONE companies recently posted more Soshi goodies on-line for us SONEs to enjoy and spazz over ;).

What are they ? Well, how about a “How to do the Vita500 Vitamin “Happy” dance” in 9 easy steps with Yoona, and a new Daum CF featuring our favourite shikshin, Sooyoung and kid leader, Taeyeon ?

The 1st video shows Yoona demonstrating the Vita500 Vitamin dance in staged motion-capture format, allowing one to learn the dance steps easily.

The 2nd video (my favourite as the 2 ladies look gorgeous here :)) has Sooyoung and Taeyeon discussing the merits of the new Daum programme (Road View and Store View), and ends with our dear Taengoo trying to order a meal in the featured cafe in French (she looks so adorkable here) !

I can honestly say that these 2 new videos made my day today 😀 !

Do check them out and see if you agree with me on that point. Enjoy !

The Vita500 Vitamin Dance Video

The Daum “Road View And Store View” CF Video

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources: snsd.jp, Kwangdong@youtube.com, Daum, imyoonatv@youtube.com