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+ Added images of Taeyeon from the event.

+ Added more adorable photos from the event, this time of Jessica and Sunny.

Remember the recently concluded “Beautiful Auction” charity event organized by WoongJin Coway and graced by our 9 beautiful ladies ?

Well, guess what ? More fanpics have been posted on-line by fans present at the event to allow us SONEs in the rest of the world to enjoy 😉 !

Media-heavy, as always, it nonetheless showcases the natural beauty of our favourite ladies, reminding us in a very tangible way why we love them so much :).

So, without further ado (and until SM releases more teasers of the Girls’ upcoming comeback album for us to spazz over :D), sit back and enjoy the following visual feast !

(Personally, I think Hyoyeon looks Gorgeous in the featured photos, don’t you agree ?!!)

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by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

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