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Whilst waiting for the official telecast of the “Running Man” episodes featuring 6 of the 9 ladies from SNSD (scheduled to be shown on the 2nd and 9th of October respectively), Netizens have been busy posting fanpics of our ladies in-action during the filming sessions for the said episodes……

Obviously taken whilst filming was in progress, these beautiful hi-res photos show an extremely refreshing side of our favourite young ladies outside of the performance stage / recording studio setting that we are so used to seeing them in.

Their naturally beautiful countenances are clearly seen in each of these posted images, an apt reminder of why some of us SONEs fell in love “at first sight” with each of these talented ladies in the first place ;).

All the 6 are represented in one way or another in these photo shots, although there seems to be a predominance of YoonYul depicted here :D.

Anyways, enjoy the photo images and look forward to the upcoming telecast of this 2 fun-filled episodes of the popular TV gameshow variety programme :).

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by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources: snsd.jp, SBS, KimTaeyeon.com, Jessture, Woorissica, KwonYuri125.com, Ihope9, samueldarmento.com