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So by now I’m sure you’ve all heard about the delay in the release of SNSD’s 3rd album “The Boys”.  If not, read here.  But, in other non related album news…

I thought this was quite a cute little story that surfaced.

If you remember from early August, Taeyeon had answered the UFO question above which asked ““If dookkong and I were to fall into water, who would you save first?”, and Taeyeon answered, “I…will save Lincoln first”.  At the time I was thinking “Who the heck is Lincoln??”  Well, my question has finally been answered!

It turns out Lincoln is a 5 year old boy who has confessed his love to Taeyeon noona!  He stars in tvN’s “‘Real Kids’ Story Rainbow” and sent this photo of himself to the production staff.  It reads, “SNSD jjang!  I love you, Taeyeon noona!”  Awww how cute of him!  Also, in the bottom left of the picture, he drew Taeyeon (with the pretty red bow) and himself holding hands.  Awwwww cute x2!

The production staff also said, ““After listening to what Taeyeon had sincerely said, Lincoln, who is a huge fan of Taeyeon, has been thinking of giving Taeyeon a reply. With the help of his mother, the 5 year-old boy conveyed his cute love confession to Taeyeon through handwritten-message and heart-shaped stickers pasted on the picture”.

Netizens also commented, “Please let Taeyeon and Lincoln meet”, “I also want to have a dongsaeng like Lincoln”.  I’d love to have a dongsaeng like Lincoln too!  What a heart warming message to our kid leader Taengoo!

Credits: cj.net, fanwonder.com