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With rumours regarding the possible delay of SNSD’s 3rd album release date circulating around for the past day, official news on the matter has just been released.

Reportedly, due to SM deciding to plan for a simultaneous release worldwide, the release could not be synchronised leading them to push the release back by 2 to 3 weeks. As of yet, there is no official release date. A representative of SM stated

“It has been decided that Girls’ Generation will be releasing a US album. In order to reinforce the plans of having a worldwide release of “The Boys”, we are planning on changing the release dates of the album in Korea as well. Further details about our decision will be announced when they are confirmed.”

While we are all devastated, it appears that SM is continuing the original scheduled release of teasers. (you redeemed yourselves a little there SM…. just a little >=[ ) However in hindsight, what is another 2-3 weeks compared to the year that we’ve waited since Hoot? damn a lot Although, it is good that SM appears to be placing an extra emphasis on the quality and care of this album release.

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