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+ Added screen captures from the teaser video.

With the news of the album’s delayed release, SM has partially redeemed themselves by appeasing the wrath of angry SONEs with following teaser.

OH – MY – &(%@#*)$@!&$#(@%&*!)(!@#*)!@*$@)#( … that is all.

Since lots of you probably spent the last 10 mins refreshing SM’s youtube page, you would’ve just watched this. For those that are not as crazy enthusiastic, enjoy~

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MintChoc’s 2 cents worth – SUNNY’S HAIR!!! (pause teaser at 0:30)  kthxbai 😀

** There has been an official statement regarding a delay in the release of the 3rd album. A separate post with more information will be up shortly.

sources: snsd.jp