SNSD’s highly anticipated comeback has so far been met with some uncertainty and forced delays.

As SM Entertainment restructures its current schedule to accommodate a simultaneous release of both the Korean and U.S. editions of ‘The Boys’, SONEs have been left anxiously awaiting a fixed date as to when they may be able to get their hands on the “Holy Grail” of albums for 2011.

Today, an insider has revealed to Star News that the album is expected to drop on the 19th of October, two weeks from the originally scheduled release date. However, with no official word from SM, we can only take this news with a grain of salt and hope that the source is right on the money.

So close I can feel it!

Star News also reports that SNSD will make their first comeback appearance on KBS‘s ‘Music Bank‘, on October 21st.

In related news, the second image teaser has reached a staggering 2.4 million views in only 3 days! Amazing right?

So while we continue to play the waiting game, let’s double or even triple that view count until the actual MV is released:

The first image teaser has also surpassed the 3.7 million views mark.

Source: Star News via Naver, SMTOWN@youtube

Tidbit: The most painful thing about waiting? Not knowing how long the wait will be. Hopefully, this news will ease some of the pain.