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+ Full subs now added (watch on Youtube and enable captions):

+ Full unsubbed show (5 parts)
+ ADDED Big Brothers SNSD Interview w/ ENG SUBS (-Steve)
+ ADDED TaeNy Love Fight + TaeNy Embarassing Screams clips w/ ENG SUBS (-Steve)
+ ADDED Seohyun’s Best Friend cut w/ ENG Subs (-Steve)

[Other subbed clips]

TaeNy Love Fight with Eng/Chinese Sub (thanks to Soul for the Tip)

TaeNy embarassing SCREAM~!! with Eng Sub

Seohyun Best Friend Cut w/ Eng Subs (Thanks to AG Subs)

[Original Post]

An upcoming KBS television program entitled Big Brothers will feature members of SNSD as special guests.

Seohyun, Taeyeon, Tiffany and Yuri will appear on the show to share stories and discuss life issues with MC’s Hwang Sukyoung, Cho Youngnam, Song Seunghwan and Kim Yongman, veterans of Korean entertainment and media.

‘Big Brothers’ is set to broadcast on September 21st. Check out the preview:

The show appears to be quite different from other Korean talk shows and the girls’ are looking very mature – definitely looking forward to it.

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