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+ Added more Tiffany-focussed photos.

+ Added 2 more fancams of Tiffany and Taeyeon, plus some Tiffany-focussed photos.

+ Added a fancam of the ladies (a MUST watch) and more Yoona photos.

Remember the blood donation drive held on the 7th of September 2011, which our favourite ladies graced with their beautiful presence ?

Well, some close-up shots of our favourite earthly angels have recently been uploaded on the Internet for fans to enjoy ;).

First up is our ever adorkable “kid leader” Kim Taeyeon, whose presence and smiles really helped to brighten-up the occasion. She’s certainly turning into a beautiful young lady indeed and that is a fact 😀 !

Next, we have a beautiful pot-purri of mesmerizing images of the other angels present at the event. I am almost certain there is something to satisfy the needs of all SONEs here ;).

So, without further ado, presenting Kim Taeyeon, her adorable earthly angels and their lovable smiles. Enjoy !

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Fancam of The Ladies At The Event

(I have to admit that Hyoyeon looks Super Gorgeous here 😀 !)

Fancams of Tiffany And Taeyeon At The Event

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources: Flying Petals, Snsd.jpsnsdpics.com, Withsosi, Ihope9@youtube.com, tif77777@youtube.com, jp5766@youtube.com, Shining Smile, Gaga@Tiffanism