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Yesterday, SNSD attended a “Surprise Blood Drive Event” organized by KBS.

Yoona, Tiffany, Taeyeon, Yuri, Hyoyeon and Sunny were on deck at the KBS Shin-Gwan TV Hall to help raise awareness for blood stock shortages across Korea.

Prior to the event the following was posted on the Girls’ Generation Official Facebook page:

Hello~ This is Girls’ Generation~ Have any of you ever donated blood?

In our country, every 7 seconds, 1 blood bag, 1 minute, 9 blood bags, every hour, 517 blood bags, and in a day, 12,377 bags are used~ And so they say there is a shortage~

So Girls’ Generation will be holding a “Surprise Blood Drive Event” with KBS on September 7th!

Please take part in the “Surprise Blood Drive Event” that Girls’ Generation will also be taking part in and supporting^^

*Location: KBS Shin-Gwan TV Hall

*Date: September 7th, 2pm~6pm

*Preparation Checklist

1. You must, must have your ID or school ID!

2. People who are older than 16 years of age may participate~ If you were born in 1995 but your birthday has passed, you may also take part!^^

3. Men must be over 50kg, and women over 45kg!

4. Before donating blood, more than 4 hours of sleep is required

5. Lastly, if you took any cold medication, asprin, or antibiotic, note that you must wait 3 days before you can donate blood~

To those who take part in the “Surprise Blood Drive Event” with Girls’ Generation

There will be a memory presented to you that you will never forget, so we hope many people come~~~^^

By “taking part in and supporting” the event, the girls’ remained true to their word as they also donated blood on the day. Although this wouldn’t be the first time, as the members, as well as their fans, have donated blood in the past for various charitable causes.

Lucky fans who donated blood during this blood drive however, were able to meet the girls’ and receive autographed goodies:

Fany, Hyo and Yoong also paid a visit to a young patient at Korea University Ansan Hospital:



Credit: ch0sshi@soshified (translation), AuGuStKz@soshified/Sakura29@soshified (picture uploads), respective Youtube uploaders; pictures as tagged.

Tidbit: There is actually a blood shortage all over the world, so why not follow in the girls’ footsteps and volunteer to donate blood in your own country 🙂