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Remember this advertisement image ? Well, apparently, most gamers still do !

DC Games, an on-line gaming community site recently conducted a Web poll from the 29th of August to the 5th of September 2011 among its netizen members. The topic:  “Which celebrity was the most memorable game advertisement model?”

Well, the results, as always, came as no surprise as the members of our favourite K-Pop girl group took the top honours again ;). Our ladies in fact swept the majority of the votes cast (67.9%), with a total of 2,807 netizens polled voting in their favour, out of a grand total of 4,136 votes cast.

The highlighted game in question was  the 2008 Nexon MMORPG, “Mabinogi”. Netizens expressed the opinion that our ladies really suited the cute imagery of the game’s characters.

As expected, dear Tiffany stood out in her role as the Mabinogi character in the music video of the same name, capturing the hearts and minds of many (mine included :D) who viewed the final visual product.

Mabinogi Music Video

Congratulations are certainly in order to the Girls for adding yet another feather to their proverbial awards hat 🙂 !

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

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