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Three days on from the car accident, Sooyoung’s older sister, Soojin, had an interview with SBS’s ‘Night of TV Entertainment’ talking about the incident.

In the interview, Soojin said:

She (Sooyoung) bled a lot and I was so shocked at the incident at that moment, that I thought she could even die

According to a report by Neale Fhima, there is a crack on her coccyx (tailbone) but we were told that there is no specific treatment or casts needed so she just has to rest. Perhaps she cannot attend some upcoming schedules but because she is willing to attend the activities, I thought perhaps she can attend some that doesn’t require much movements and provided that they are not stages that involve excessive movements.

She bled a lot?! 😦 Hopefully Sooyoung gets all the rest that she needs, although from the updates by her friends and family she seems to be on the right track to a speedy recovery. Thank God.

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