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SNSD’s 2011 Japan Arena Tour Concert in Yoyogi (Tokyo) was broadcast on Japanese television!

The concert, which was performed on June 29 earlier this year, aired on SKY PerfecTV! on August 21. Being a TV version of the concert, only group performances were broadcast; it seems we’ll have to wait to see the girls’ solo stages when their Japan Arena Tour concert is officially released on DVD. Nevertheless, the setlist is nothing short of amazing, and will indubitably satiate your Soshi cravings.

Although I’ve never had the privilege of seeing the girls perform live (and to be honest, I’ve never been to a proper concert), I know what a great live concert is. And it probably does not need spelling out: the reverberating ‘oyobi desuka’s’ with the girls sitting there looking all fierce and badass within the first three minutes say enough. Goosebumps, man.

It seems the telecast was aired in 3D but the good people of the internet have uploaded the 2D version as well as 3D. Click the following song titles for separate performances, or scroll a little further down for the whole concert broadcast!

Song List:

  1. GENIE
  2. you-aholic
  3. MR TAXI
  4. I’m in Love With The HERO
  5. Let It Rain
  6. Snowy Wish
  7. Kissing You
  8. Oh!
  10. BAD GIRL
  11. Run Devil Run
  12. Beautiful Stranger
  13. HOOT
  14. Complete
  15. My Child
  16. Cold Noodles (Naeng Myun)
  17. HaHaHa Song
  18. Gee
  20. Into the New World
  21. It’s Fantastic

Parts: 4, 5, 6, 7

With SNSD’s highly anticipated Korean comeback promotions approaching in the next month, we as fans finally being able to watch what is essentially the final product of their hard work, relentless endurance, and virtuosity in the Japanese music industry (basically, the last few months of their lives) is a luxury. As dramatic as it may sound, watching this concert is a bittersweet goodbye to 2011’s Japanese promotions, flecked with an auspicious hello(/hell yeah!) to their Korean comeback.

Videos: yuldori, hangthienbao1 (@youtube.com)