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Updated: longer video of the interview added! (-catfatcat)
Yep, more JeTi English, and even a little from Sooyoung: “No one is quiet!”

Earlier today, our girls were interviewed about ‘SM True’ * and in the interview, they also talked about how they stay ‘fresh’ over the years, their upcoming activities, and hopes of making an English record. Check the interview out!

Jessica also made a comment outside the interview regarding their hopes of making an English record.

Sica reveals on True Inside that theyre practising on their English so that they can make music in Eng 4 fans around the world; @98Degreesz

[Quoted from Tamatron@Twitter]

* And for those who aren’t aware of ‘SM True’, recently, our girls’ company, SM Entertainment, announced that it has partnered with one of Thailand’s biggest music company/media network, True Visions Group, to form ‘SM True’ (or officially known as SM True Co, Ltd). With the establishment of SM’s first joint overseas branch in Thailand, SM artists will now rely on ‘SM True’ for album distribution, concert planning, and promotional activities in Thailand. SM’s CEO, Kim Young Min, commented:

We expect SM’s excellent content to be distributed more efficiently and effectively through True’s unrivaled infrastructure and far-reaching networks… creating a huge synergy effect,”

[Quoted from Soompi]

Hopefully, the day our girls’ English record releases isn’t that far in the future and hopefully, ‘SM True’ will help them.

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