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2011 has certainly been a year of growth for SNSD Internationally, and now the girls are being recognized by SISA Press, a Weekly Korean News Magazine.

The girls who placed 6th in the 2010 SISA Press list, have now taken the top spot, ahead of other famous Korean celebrities like Yoo Jaesuk, Kang Ho Dong, Rain and even their big boss Lee Soo Man.

Their promotion to 1st place has been sparked by their hugely successful international promotions this past year, giving them influence abroad.

The girls started it all off with a hugely successful Arena tour in Japan, and their Japanese Full Length Album which sold roughly 500,000 in the 1st month alone. During their promotions they captured the heart of hundreds of thousands of Japanese fans, but they have also proven that SNSD’s power and influence has the potential to extend outside of the Korean market.  The fact that they also produced a full length Japanese album, further proves that SNSD has the ability to adapt to foreign cultures.

SMTown Paris was also a big step in the right direction, as SNSD and the SM familiy attracted thousands of fans to the 2-day concert.  It marked a huge step for the girls as well, since they gained valuable exposure to the European market.  They were well received, and had Parisian and European fans fanchanting and dancing along.

According to the article by SISA press, the girls had also previously stated that “It seems that we gained a lot of popularity through YouTube, it is also our dream to advance into the Japan and US market.”  Right now they’re are on their way to fulfilling that dream.

It is clear that SNSD has gained their status a top the list because of their continually growing fandom and international experiences.  They are spear-heading the new Korean Wave, as the next generation of Hallyu stars prepare to step into the international spotlight.

The Top Ten List is as follows:

  1. Girls Generation / SNSD
  2. Yoo Jaesuk
  3. Kang Ho Dong
  4. Kim Jaedong
  5. Rain
  6. Bae Yong-Joon
  7. Jo Yongpil
  8. Lee Soo Man
  9. Choi Boolahm
  10. Ahn Sunggi

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Image sources: SISA press, SSF