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As every Sone is well aware, SNSD’s popularity has grown exponentially not only in Asia but internationally as well!

On July 25th 2011, SNSD’s ever increasing popularity was once again amplified as they were featured on an Italian news channel. TG.com, the news channel, complimented the girls on their beauty and talent, and the news channel believes that SNSD is able to represent South Korea very well. The girls were also praised for being so successful with their recent Japanese promotions, selling over 500,000 albums and earning many awards, not only in Korea but in Japan as well! TG.com also commented on how multi-talented SNSD is as they have members who have filmed various dramas, hosted music shows, modeled for different magazines, been present on various variety shows and so much more!

source: TG.com

credit: SeraphK@soshified.com