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+ Updated with more pictures (-ferrerorocher9)

Today sees the beginning of the 2011 Girls’ Generation Tour, with the very first concert being held in Seoul’s Olympic Park Stadium.

Finally~! 2011 GIRLS’ GENERATION TOUR has begun with tremendous cheers~!!! [from GIRLS’ GENERATION STAFF]

Thanks to the official Girls’ Generation Facebook page, fans have been kept up to date with the latest content direct from the concert and it is definitely worth it’s weight in gold!

First up: Check out the KOREAN version of “Mr. Taxi” performed live at the concert then hit the jump for more!!!

Latest updates:

[Bonus photo] We’ll meet you again, tomorrow~! Yoona will wait for you~! [from FACEBOOK GIRLS’ GENERATION STAFF]

How was the concert? Did you enjoy it~? GIRLS’ GENERATION will meet you here again, tomorrow~! Thank you~!!! [from FACEBOOK GIRLS’ GENERATION STAFF]

Eye contact with camera~! 얼음공주 Jessica is making eye contact with fans all around the world~! [from FACEBOOK GIRLS’ GENERATION STAFF]

“Are you enjoying the concert~?” Tiffany’s eye contact made the crowd go absolutely wild~! 지금은~ 소녀시대~! Enjoy the concert with Tiffany~! [from FACEBOOK GIRLS’ GENERATION STAFF]

“Sing along with me~!” Hyoyeon knows how to lead the crowd~! GIRLS’ GENERATION and fans were together throughout the concert! [from FACEBOOK GIRLS’ GENERATION STAFF]

I believe you all realize what this song is by Yuri’s finger gesture~! [from FACEBOOK GIRLS’ GENERATION STAFF]

Taeyeon looks so happy on the stage~! True professional singer~! She has the most charming smile~! Together with Taeyeon~! [from FACEBOOK GIRLS’ GENERATION STAFF]

Seohyun’s solo stage~! Nothing can stop her darlingness~! She looks so lovely with black dress on~! [from GIRLS’ GENERATION STAFF]

Yoona’s solo stage~! It’s only for the concert~! We can see her charisma and beauty like the goddess at the same time!!! [from FACEBOOK SMTOWN STAFF]

Sunny is showing her chic walking~! She is absolutely the tonic of GIRLS’ GENERATION!!! [from FACEBOOK GIRLS’ GENERATION STAFF]

The stage is getting heated up more and more~! Sing along with Sooyoung~! [from FACEBOOK GIRLS’ GENERATION STAFF]

Earlier updates from the Girls’ Generation Facebook Staff:

Right before the stage~! GIRLS’ GENERATION prepared photo time for FACEBOOK fans~! They all look excited and lovely~! Go GIRLS’ GENERATION!!! [from FACEBOOK GIRLS’ GENERATION STAFF]

Fans are already entering the concert hall~! Everyone seems very excited about the concert~! Are you ready to enjoy the concert? Our FACEBOOK staffs are ready to make you happy! Just wait for few more minutes~! [from SMTOWN GIRLS’ GENERATION STAFF]

Wonderful weather to hold a concert~! Finally, today is the d-day of 2011 GIRLS’ GENERATION TOUR~! Stay tuned!!! [from FACEBOOK GIRLS’ GENERATION STAFF]

Stay tuned as we update you with fan-taken cams, pictures and accounts from the concerts… Plus don’t forget, we have a couple of our very own staffers in attendance so look forward to their recaps!

#snsdtour2011 is currently topping the twitter trends list (worldwide) and GIRLS’ GENERATION TOUR is also on there too:

Credit: http://www.facebook.com/girlsgeneration