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Fact: SNSD catches flights as frequently as the average person catches the bus.

Take their recent trip to Jeju Island for example:

Having only returned home to Korea from Japan the day before, the girls’ catch an early flight the next day to Jeju for a scheduled event. Not long after said event, they’re back aboard a plane heading home once again. See? Like catching a bus… Well okay, not really 😛

But anyway, with the girls’ raking up those frequent flyer miles, here are the latest batch of airport pictures for your viewing pleasure, after the jump!

 I spy f(9) 😀

Credit: smurfette_pat@soompi, hotchocolatelove@soompi, cantthinkofaname@soompi, nishirichard@soompi, Heartbreakn@soshified, devilyoong@soshified, JINuNaSoNe@youtube, ninanoinjess@youtube; pictures as tagged.