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Our girls’ are on the homestretch of their Japanese Arena Tour with only two concerts left in Fukuoka on the 17th and 18th of this month.

Less than a week ago however, they followed up their Hiroshima concert with an equally spectacular show in Nagoya. Hit the jump for the usual goodies!

On Wednesday 6th July 2011, @Kkabbekky said:

Fanaccount of yesterday’s SNSD concert in Nagoya

[Taeyeon] During the self-introduction she said ‘Wow’ in Nagoya dialect. Her duet with Fany was amazing and she looked happy. During the great escape Taeyeon did a lot of adlibs. The atmosphere was great!!

[Jessica] Her singing voice during her solo was complete. During Naengmyun she was playing around with Fany and charged her. In the middle of the song, Taeyeon was pretending to drink water and after she finished Sica fixed the position of the bottle. Sica sweated from the beginning of the concert to the end and Yoona wiped her sweat. During the talk in between she sneakily talked with Yoona and flirted with her.

[Tiffany] ‘Nagoya put it back on!’ was anticipated from the very beginning and got the venue excited to the MAX! She walked along with Yuri and looked happy. She was also the most excited during the talks in between. She showed a too happy aura with Taeyeon. A smile from the beginning to end and she also waved. She also bowed to say thanks.

[Maknae] Her Japanese has improved! Her sexiness transcends and is amazing. She waved to everyone from all angles and smiled friendly! Her ‘Please come tomorrow too’ was super cute! Furthermore until the very end she continuously said ‘Please be careful when going home!’. She is so friendly.

[Hyoyeon] Today was really hot but everyone’s enthusiasm was also hot! saying that she got us excited. Her dance was pretty. She stretched herself out completely to wave at the stands in the back. After complete, when she went to the side of the stage she cried. Afterwards she was joking around and looked happy!

[Yoona] Same as Taeyeon, she got us all excited by speaking Nagoya dialect! She didn’t really come close but in the second half she did a peace sign and waved. She said ‘I made some mistakes but thank you everyone’ her Japanese was very good! From beginning to end she was playing with Sica and wiped her sweat.

[Sooyoung] During the beginning talk her eyes got wet and red, she didn’t look so energetic, but she perfectly took control and livened up the arena. Her solo was a perfect performance. I was relieved! ‘We will come to Nagoya for a 2nd and 3rd tour! Promise!’ as expected from Sooyoung. At the end by saying ‘Now it’s SNSD…’ she livened up the stadium.

[Sunny] With her routine word ‘Veryyyyyy’ (hontooooouuuuu ni) there was an explosion of excitement! The ‘hontou ni’ together with Fany was super cute. In the middle of the concert it looked as if she was crying. But her fanservice from beginning to end was amazing! While being shy she sent blowing kisses and her ‘saranghae’ pose was so cute!!

[Yuri] She was too amazing. She gave a full fanservice by showing her dorky dances from the beginning and by doing cute poses. From the beginning to end she freely played around. Even when making mistakes in her Japanese she kept on trying, and with her embarrassed face she made the arena laugh. Her dance is also very cool, during her solo she made a small mistake, but I was mesmerized by her sexy dance. She was hopping while doing a ‘saranghae’ pose. During Fantastic she was playing around the whole time and she made Sooyoung laugh happily!

Result, all of them are goddesses and they make this world brighter. The artists’ seriousness was seen in their performances. You could see how close they are during the encore by seeing them play around. They looked happy. They showed their affection towards the fans a lot.

fanaccount by M0t10n21_ms@twitter

translated by kkabbekky@twitter

Fanaccount of 7/7 SNSD concert in Nagoya

·     lol Yoonsic! why u guys so active today! sica wiped yoona’s sweat at today’s concert ❤ RT @M0t10n21_ms 今日はシカ様がユナの汗を 拭いてあげていた♡

·      during ‘fantastic’, tae’s voice didnt come out well. but at d end, she said even she’s got a really painful sore throat, but she’s so happy

·      @M0t10n21_ms said-  the girls were so hyperactive during ‘kissing you’ n ‘snowy wish’. they performed happily

·    hyon seo ran n hugged each other. fany forgot her lyric. n yoonsic!! lol yoonsic had eye-sexed n grinning each other. *JUMP TO YOONSIC SHIP

·     YULSIC MOMENT  THEY’RE LINKING LITTLE FINGERS TOGETHER RT @M0t10n21_ms スヨンは本当天使のような微笑みで投げキッスかましてくるし何よりユリとジェシカが指切りげんまんしてたのが忘れられない!!!

·       “to all fans (in Nagoya), thank you for the memory of this wonderful pink”- sooyoung T_T ..shikshin always comes w/ the precious words. ILY

·     LOL SUNNY W/ HER ‘HONTOUNI’ TRADEMARK RT @M0t10n21_ms 「サニーはどこ?いたいた。」 「次の曲がほんとに」 『ほんっっっとに』 「最後の曲になりまーす(泣)」 『えーんえーん(泣)』 by Tiffany&Sunny

·      no takoyaki? LOL-  “good evening, im yuri who love to eat hitsumabushi (eelrice bowl). emm,,,recently i ate, hitsumabushi,.feel healthy!”

·     AGAIN,YURI’S AWKWARD YET CUTE JAPANESE ^^, RT @M0t10n21_ms 「こんばんわー ひつまぶしが大好きなユリです」 「えー最近は、ひつまぶしを、 食べて、元気ー!!!」 (記憶曖昧ご了承下さい)

·     today,Yuri trolled Sooyoung during MC part ROFL

·     SY- “we all love to eat hitsumabushi,so yesterday-..” Yuri interrupted SY, mumbling “genki~ genki~genki~♪ (means feel healthy/energetic) ”

·     yuri also being trolled! >_< poor yuri

·     THIS! SY –  fans, r u enjoying? fans-  YEAHH!! Fany-  r u enjoying?! fans-  YEAHHH!! Yuri- REALLY? fans-  *silence >_<

·     hehe bcoz she said ‘maji?!’ which literary mean ‘r u serious?!’ or sth like that. perhaps fans couldnt clearly undrstand that lol

·     after the silence moment, all the fans laughed, and i can imagine yuri was hiding someone else or facepalming. >_<

·     taeyeon! she’s really enjoyed this Japan Tour concert. despite having a sore throat, she shouted ‘YEAAHHHH!!!’ out loud. Taeng! u r so cool!

·     ok,wrap up! all the translations (rough trans) of 7/7 Nagoya concert i tweeted tonight r originally from @M0t10n21_ms fanacc. thanks!

·     CONCLUSION- the girls were doing great performances in both 1st n 2nd day of Nagoya’s concerts. and to be surprised, they didnt cry today!

fanaccount by M0t10n21_ms@twitter

translated by citysone@twitter

Two concerts left! Can you believe that our nine hardworking ANGELS have almost completed their tour (14 concerts in six prefectures) in a little less than two months?

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