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That’s After School’s Jooyeon and Raina sitting next to our Sica… Girls’ School!

“She did really well and her expression was just beautiful. As she was skating, there was a feeling of ‘freedom’”.

“Before the competition, I went to meet Krystal. Although she became more nervous when she saw me, she did really well nonetheless”.

Jessica Jung.

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SBS Kim Yuna’s Kiss and Cry is a television show similar to Dancing with the Stars, but instead of dancing, celebrity contestants are required to figure skate.

One of the many idols featured on the show is f(x)’s very own Krystal, and during a recent television broadcast, look who was spotted in the audience cheering on BabyJung:

Even for just a three second shot, you can’t mistake our Sica and her Gorjess smile!

She’s also no stranger to showing love and support for Krystal, after all they’re family right?

Credit: SSFcedge@youtube, aslotuss6@youtube, sment@youtube, 418100@youtube; fanwonder.com (Jessica’s quote)