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Well, it certainly looks like the world’s keen interest in our favourite 9 ladies is not going to end in the near future, from the looks of things…..

The angelic 9 were recently featured in not 1, but 2 television programmes (one variety-related, one news-related). The best part of it: the 2 programmes were not even in the same continental location (attesting to the global interest in our favourite ladies).

First up: Taiwan.

On the recent Taiwanese variety programme 100% Entertainment, telecast on the 2nd of July 2011, well-known actor, singer, director and producer,Vanness Wu (he being of Taiwanese-American heritage) talked a little bit about how he got to know our earthly angels, Tiffany and Sooyoung, on a personal basis (lucky guy !).

Apparently, on a recent church group visit to Korea with Jaeson Ma ( himself a well-known American actor, musician, writer, and minister, who is best known for his work as a pastor and Christian entertainer), Vanness was introduced to a few K-Pop celebrities at the church that they attended during their visit.

Among the more familiar K-Pop artistes like Big Bang’s Taeyang and G-Dragon, and members of 2NE1, Vanness also got introduced to Tiffany and Sooyoung, they all being members of the same church.

To top it off, Tiffany was actually his younger brother’s friend’s sister (how lucky can a person get !).

The co-host of 100% Entertainment, Show Luo, a die-hard Tiffany fan, expressed extreme jealousy on learning about this piece of news.

Check out the video-clip below to experience the friendly banter between the various personalities on the show when this news was shared:

Finally, since the proof of the pudding is in the eating, a photo to document the occasion:

Next up: USA.

A recent ABC news story, telecast in the San Francisco Bay Area, on the rise of the Hallyu Wave in America, featured a short video-clip of Gee, one of our all-time favourite SNSD songs (right 😉 ?).

The programme then went on to discuss further the interest in South Korean culture in America, generated by the recent K-Pop tsunami now sweeping the music world at large.

The aforementioned video clip is included below:

What else can I say but, Jigeumeun SoNyuhShiDae!

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

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