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It certainly looks like the SONES in the advertising section of  Kwang Dong Pharmaceuticals are at it again…

producing more Soshi-related Vita500 goodies for us SONES to spazz over (whilst envying the lucky K-Sones who get to enjoy the Soshi-endorsed Vita500 products firsthand ;)) !

A new advertising video featuring Jessica from SNSD was recently released, together with a whole new batch of Vita500 bottle labels to entice fans of the angelic 9 (and of the vitamin energy drink, of course :D) to part with their hard-earned money.

(Personally, I think Jessica looks real cute here in this new CF for Vita500).

In the video, Jessica talked a little bit about how to beat the heat of the summer season. For herself, staying indoors with a cool drink and loud music to sing-along to is her coping mechanism of choice. To demonstrate, Jessica proceeded to give a short (but,oh so cute !) rendition of Naengmyun.

Our favourite earthly ice angel ended the video by asking fans for some summer song recommendations that everyone can sing-along to, to get their minds off the heat outside.

Finally, the new Vita500 SNSD labels to spazz over. Enjoy !!!


by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources: kwangdongpharm@twitter, www.soshified.com