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+ Added complete subbed cuts (thanks to DaoDao for tip)

As reported, the SM Town special episode of Yoo JaeSuk and Kim WonHee’s Come To Play’ –themed “We Came to Paris”– was aired earlier today. Hyoyeon, Tiffany, Sooyoung, and Yuri represent the group and like their usual selves, they were lively and dorky.

In the episode, the SM artists revealed many interesting things as well as heartwarming confessions.

During a corner entitled, ‘Can You Hear My Heart?’, f(x)’s Sulli expressed her gratitude towards Soshi members–Taeyeon and Tiffany.

In the past when Sulli was still a 4th year elementary school student, she stayed with Taeyeon and Tiffany in the same hostel and the two Soshi girls took care and watched over Sulli like their own younger sister.

Tiffany who was also present at the set said, “However, I felt sorry for not being able to take care of her more”. Upon hearing that, Sulli was moved to tears, showing the warm affection between a senior and her junior.


When it came to the ‘SM Town X-File’ corner, Sooyoung revealed that in their company, there’s a special secret directive that has prohibited her from doing impersonations.

Sooyoung said, “When I appear on variety shows, they would request me to do impersonations and if I don’t do it, the atmosphere will turn cold which is unbearable. So, I have no choice but  to damage my own image”.

She added, “Our agency chairman said ‘So, what’s this voice impersonation that damages your posh image?’, particularly asking me to refrain me from doing the impersonations”.


However, it didn’t stop her on the program. Upon the MC’s request for a voice impersonation, Sooyoung apologized to the company’s chairman and showcased her talent, causing laughter in the whole studio.

Check out some of the cuts! Although only a few cuts have been uploaded, they are a must-watch.

Love how they performed DJ DOC’s ‘I’m A Person Like This’!

I hope this gets subbed soon!

(Post will be updated when more cuts are found)


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