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On the June 25th episode of KBS 2TV Entertainment Weekly, a fun little survey was conducted to discover which Korean celebrities could survive on an uninhabited island.

Among the other celebrities who could have a high chance of survival in the wilderness, our nine tough ladies trumps them all, claiming the number one spot on the survey!

The reason as to why they are considered to be top survivors is that, well because they are loved by soldiers, they will have soldiers at their disposal to offer them support.

Not a bad reason I must say, but here’s a better one…

On a deserted island, all they need is each other, and they’ll survive no matter what! Who agrees?

Hit the jump to see the results of the survey.


2. Lee SooGeun

3. Jung JaeYoung

4. No HongChul

5. Park YeJin

6. Kim TaeWon

7. Yoo SeYoon

Credit: fanwonder.com