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Another TV channel analyses the K-Pop music sensation that is SNSD…

The recently televised SBS E!TV’s ‘Star Q10′ programme was dedicated to analyzing the ‘SNSD craze’ in various countries (except the African continent).

This particular episode was telecast on Saturday 25th June 2011 at 2.30pm KST.

In Korea itself, the 9 ladies have, in addition to their many younger fans, many samchon (uncle) and ajumma (auntie) fans.

Among the Korean soldiers, they are regarded with the same level of respect as the  president of the country.

In Japan, they are known as the group with beautiful legs and who spearheaded the rise of hallyu fever in Japan by creating and breaking records on various Oricon Charts.

In other parts of the world, SNSD’s popularity is also on the rise. In fact, more than 100 members from International fanclub, Soshified, will be flying over to Korea on a field-trip package to catch a glimpse of the angelic 9.

 An entertainment program interview with the 9 ladies recently also revealed that Hyoyeon was the most popular member among male fans in Europe.

In addition to that, from a survey conducted with 60 participants in Toronto, Hyoyeon also garnered a substantial amount of votes, indicating clearly her popularity among international fans as well.

As final vindication of the angelic 9’s popularity among international fans, a lot of fan-made UCC videos can be found on the Internet.

It certainly looks like the results of the TV show’s analysis was a foregone conclusion, no ?!!


by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources: newsprime.co.kr, www.fanwonder.com