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 An recent issue of Malaysia’s The Star newspaper featured an interview with our angelic 9.

Reporters from Malaysia’s The Star newspaper attempted to obtain an interview with the 9 ladies while they were in Jeju Island for the Wonderful Jeju Super Concert on April 24th 2011.

Unfortunately, prior scheduling commitments precluded any opportunity to conduct a live interview, so eventually, the  reporters settled on an interview conducted via e-mail with the girls.

The following are some contents of the interview which was published in the Star2 section of the paper on June 12th 2011:

2010 was a very good year for Girls’ Generation. How are you going to top that?

Taeyeon: I’m not sure how we will prepare our concept for our performance, but we will never disappoint our fans.
Yuri: Many fans like our style. We will come back with a perfect stage which is full of SNSD magnetism.
Sooyoung: We always try to show fans a mature and varied performance. We hope they will love our new album, Mr Taxi (released in Japan last month).

People always accuse Asians of copy­ing the West in music but when Lady Gaga released her single. Bom This Way, recent­ly, she was accused of plagiarising your Be Happy by your international fans. What does this say about the growth of K-pop?

Taeyeon: Yes, many people throughout the world are interested in Korean pop music. But it is more important how K-pop applies to various styles rather than just being copied in other countries.
Yuri: There’s a craze for popular Korean cultures in many Asian countries because Korean pop music is a successful com­bination of the old and new.
Sooyoung: It is inevitable to refer to western music because it was developed earlier than Korean music. However, K-pop also reinterprets its style well.
Seohyun: Recently, Korean pop music has become successful in the western market. I think it is because there are so many singers who work hard at it. That’s why it’s getting popular with foreigner audiences.
Sunny: Because of the growth of Korean pop music, many fans can easily get the experience. So we will try to put up better performances for our fans.

YoonA: I would like to show our music to fans from other countries. We are supposed to go to Japan next.

Fans love your style. Can you recom­mend any Korean fashion lines or shops for Malaysian fans who want follow your style?

Taeyeon: I would like to introduce Myung Dong as a great place for youngsters’ culture.
Yuri: There are many famous places, but I would like to suggest Rodeo Street, Sinsadong garosugil.
Sooyoung: We also read many fashion magazines to find the best fashion.

The article also mentioned:

Unfortunately, they were not able to say when they’ll be heading to Malaysia for a concert” – Star2

(An interesting interview, if I do say so myself.)

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean

sources: The Star Newspaper, http://www.fanwonder.com