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My tribute to Sunny on her 22nd(23rd) birthday (for the “sunshiners” on SNSDKorean) 😉

Lee Soon-Kyu (써니), aka Sunny Lee, aka “SunnyBunny”, aka “Aegyo Queen” came into existence on May 15th 1989, the 3rd of 3 sisters in the Lee household. She had a relatively interesting childhood, involving lots of intercontinental travel and even a somewhat major war thrown-in for good measure !

Coming of age, it was noticed that she had inherent talent and a career in show-biz was mapped-out for her, firstly in Starlight Entertainment for 5 years, followed by a transfer to SM Entertainment on recommendation by Ayumi, a well-known singer, where she was enshrined as the final member of “Girls Generation”, a newly formed K-Pop girl group.

So, being somewhat “challenged” in the height category, what could Sunny do to be assured of her “place” in a group composed of 9 “earthly angels” ? Well, apply the power of “aegyo”, of course ! Sunny has perfected the 3-stage aegyo routine (also known as “Cuteness That Calls For A Punch-C.C.P.”)

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Reputed to turn even the strongest person into a mass of quivering “jelly”, it is particularly effective on the male species of the human race ! Even her “unnies” in the group are not immune to it and they can often be seen covering their ears to protect themselves from its devastating effects whenever it is unleased by Sunny (intentional or not :D).

Yet, is Sunny’s aegyo the only distinctive aspect of  her personality that is worth taking note of ? Honestly, in my opinion, I believe that Sunny’s inherent beauty or aegyo is but one aspect of what makes her lovable to all and sundry, and her true beauty lies in the fact that she clearly demonstrates her love for her fellow men(and women) in truly tangible ways :). Witness her active involvement in “Invincible Youth”, helping the less fortunate in society, and more recently, stepping up to help her fellow “unnie” Taeyeon, when the latter was accosted on stage at the Angel Price Music Festival.

No, like Tiffany, Sunny epitomizes Agape Love in action, letting her actions speak louder than words and winning more fans along the way. Never once has she used her familial connections to get ahead in the “fame game”, perferring instead hard work and perseverance to win the admiration of industry giants and fans alike.

The inherent love that Sunny possesses extends also to the animal kingdom, as evidenced by the recent videos posted on-line showing her interaction with Greeny, a bovine of non-descript nature. Yet, inspite of that, Sunny vested all the love and care that she could muster in taking care of her, and the final parting was truly heart-breaking, to say the least :(.

So, Sunny: aegyo queen, “energy pill”, “danshin”, singer extraordinaire. What else ? Well, I do not know about you, but I find that she also has the cutest “eye smiles” imaginable, second only to the “queen” of “eye smiles”, Tiffany 😀 ! This, coupled with her boundless energy and aegyo, have assured her a firm place in the hearts and minds of fans and non-fans alike.

So, Sunny, on this special day of yours, may The Good Lord bless you and keep you always, may His face shine upon you and his Grace be with you as you continue to make the world a happier place with your unique talents and God-given love for fellow living beings (human and non-human alike).HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Sunny !

by: Kenneth@snsdkorean