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I’ve compiled a bunch of small articles into one so click under the jump for the latest, including an SNSD mention on Strong Heart, Sunny’s facial perfection and SNSD showing their support for Sunday on Opera Star.

On the recent episode of SBS ‘Strong Heart’, Son Eunseo mentioned SNSD and explained how she has come to be known as a Seohyun look-a-like.

She said, “In the past SNSD’s YoonA and me became models for cosmetic products. Before her debut, YoonA told me, ‘there is someone in our group who looks like you’ and we became closer after that. After SNSD’s debut, I realize that the member YoonA meant was Seohyun”.

I definitely see the resemblance. They both have beautiful skin.  She must eat a lot of sweet potatoes too.

On the April 17th episode of SBS ‘Running Man’ featuring SNSD keen-eyed netizens took note of Sunny’s flawless reflection. They were amazed at how beautiful her face appeared when it was reflected in the mirror she was using as a means to keep her cover while monitoring the movements of the other ‘Running Man’ members.

I’m not surprised ^^ I’ve always felt Sunny’s looks were stunning.

And for the final news update Sunny and Yoona visited CSJH’s Sunday on April 19th to show their support for her participation in ‘Opera Star’. Sunday posted a message on her me2day, “Cheering beauties have arrived. I had a very pleasant final performances”. Unfortunately Sunday was eliminated from the competition in the third round that day.

It’s heartwarming to know she received lots of SM Town love from many of her sunbaes and dongsaengs throughout the competition.

source: fanwonder.com

written by: plotbunny@snsdkorean