Kim Tae bong has done it again…. that crazy genius So if you loved Soshifarm, you’ll definitely love this! 🙂

I now present the newest version of Tamagotchi…. Taengpuppy Ver 1.0 !!  (click on link to play)

Youtube Preview

Afraid that your Taengpuppy may lack nutrition? Why not feed her some Samyang Ramyun, Dominoes Pizza, Goobne Chicken or even Banana Milk! Is your Taengpuppy bored? Let her play on her computer…. with only the latest intel core processor of course. 🙂

Now isn’t this just the cutest Tamagotchi to date? Love it? Download it! (use Gom player)

Sources: SoshiBond009@twitter, TheSoneSource21@youtube, DC Taeyeon