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In less than four months after its release, Girls’ Generation’s ‘Hoot’ music video has recorded over 10 million views on SM Entertainment’s official YouTube channel!

‘Hoot’ has been attracting an impressive amount of attention ever since news of the surprise mini-album reached fans in October of last year. There are currently four SNSD videos with over 10 million views:

‘Gee’ – over 36 million

‘Oh!’ – over 31 million

‘Run Devil Run’ – just under 20 million

‘Hoot’ – over 10 million

Meanwhile, almost all the rest of the girls’ music and major promotional videos have surpassed 1 million views:

‘Tell Me Your Wish’ – over 6 million

‘Oh!’ Dance Version – over 5 million

‘Chocolate Love’ – over 5 million

‘HaHaHa’ – over 4 million

‘Oh!’ Teaser – over 4 million

‘Visual Dreams’ (Intel Collaboration Song) – over 3 million

‘Hoot’ Dance Version – over 2 million

‘Hoot’ Teaser – over 2 million

‘SEOUL’ (Collaboration with Super Junior) – over 2 million

‘Run Devil Run’ Story Version – just under 2 million

‘Tell Me your Wish’ Teaser – over 1 million

The popularity of Girls’ Generation can certainly be felt with these remarkable numbers. S♥NES around the world, along with curious/lost video-surfing individuals who are no doubt S♥NES now have hit the ‘play’ button on SNSD’s videos an estimated 130 MILLION TIMES! Also remember that these view counts are only coming from the official channel; a handful of unofficial ‘official’ videos have also surpassed the million mark!

That’s A LOT of Soshi love!!

And who knows what sort of surprises tomorrow will bring? One thing is for certain: those view counts will only continue to increase as will the love shared by S♥NES and So Nyuh Shi Dae.

source: fanwonder.com, sment@youtube

written by: plotbunny@snsdkorean