SM Entertainment’s President Lee Sooman has reported a 20 billion won gain in value of his shares. 20 billion won estimates to about 18million USD. Moneytoday estimates that his personal stock value will break 100 billion (90 million USD) again.

As reported in the article, a share in SM has a value of 21,750 KRW. Lee Sooman holds 4,041,465 shares amounting to 24.32% of total stocks. The estimated value of his shares are 86 billion KRW (77.4 million USD). In comparison to last year where SM shares were 16.900 KRW each and Lee Sooman’s total stock was worth 68.3 billion KRW (61.5 million USD)

On November 1st 2010, Lee became the first Korean celebrity to break the 100bn KRW with a valuation of 108bn KRW. Since then, the share price dropped gradually and he has sold 500,000 shares for a profit of 8bn KRW (7.2m USD). However, with the national activities of DBSK and the ever-increasing popularity of SNSD in Japan, SM’s value is increasing. With this, Lee has gained 20bn KRW and is set to break the 100bn KRW barrier once more.

Source: oniontaker , Nate Entertainment & Digital News Team, NewsEn Reporters