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ADDED: Preview of the episode below – mikechi.

It’s the million dollar question, and the answer will be revealed on February 20 11:15 KST. As for now, I don’t want to be held responsible for a death battle among SONE fanboys and fangirls 😀

SBS’s “One Night’s TV Entertainment” featured SNSD on a cosmetic product CF set (perhaps for Christian Dior?) During the “Beauty Talk” session, the girls talked about make-up and skincare. They also showed their comedic sides, performing various impersonations. Look forward to Sooyoung’s hilarious facial expressions and Jessica’s acting (real tears!)

The members became shocked when one of the girls confidently asserted: “I know I am really the prettiest girl in the world”.

Whoever this member is, I’m sure it’s all in good humor. Unless it’s Jessica living up to her Ice Princess name. Then it’s serious. Or if it’s Sooyoung, who won 1st place in a self-assessed beauty ranking on Win Win. Or Hyoyeon aka Princess Fiona. Or Seohyun who reportedly stares at herself in the mirror all the time. Or it could be Yoona, who feels she ranks in the top 3 in terms of looks. Maybe Taeyeon or Tiffany, both whom Yoona thought were the other 2. Or Yuri, who said on Star King that she’s the most popular/hottest member. Or it could just be Sunny, since she is the Queen of SNSD- queen of aegyo. That’s just me being helpful. Any guesses? Comment it up below!

And don’t forget to check SNSD to find out who this mystery member is!

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