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On the 10th of February, SNSD fan cafe members from Cistus (시스터스) and Hwa Soo Eun Hwa (화수은화) sent their wishes for Sooyoung’s 22nd birthday through donations and volunteer work as well as posting a birthday ad in the paper.

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Birthday ad translation:

You always light up the area around you with your bright smile. You are beautiful without even trying and your blatant words are comforting and fresh. You, who turns around and extends a helping hand to an alienated, dark, and sad place, are always beautiful.

We will continue to support and love you like the first time, just like how you thank fans with an unchanging heart and voice.

February 10th is SNSD ‘Sooyoung’s’ 22nd birthday.
We wish ‘Sooyoung’, whose heart is also beautiful, a sincere happy birthday.


In celebration of Sooyoung’s birthday, on the 29th of January SNSD fans donated 2 million won (~1800USD) worth of ‘happy beans‘* to an infant home in Gwangju and participated in volunteer work at the foundation.

*Happy Beans beans that make you happy A donating/volunteering campaign within the portal site Naver. A ‘bean’ is given to Naver members when they achieve a certain number of posts on blogs. Each ‘bean’ is worth 100 won and can be donated to any of the foundations listed on the Happy Bean page.

(SNSD fans have been donating 2 million won worth of happy beans for every member’s birthday since last year) 🙂


While Soshi brings smiles/laughter to SONEs round the world, its heartwarming to see that fans are in turn spreading the happiness and joy to the less fortunate. The activities mentioned above are but a small example of the things fans have done in the name of SNSD. To name a few more, fans donated for emergency aid in Haiti and the ‘oppa’ & ‘samchon’ members of Cistus donated 1 million won to an aid project by a children’s foundation in Choongbok, providing new school supplies to students in need.


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