Ever since the release of Taeyeon’s solo song, “I Love You”, for the drama Athena, the song has been gaining immense popularity (no surprise honestly 😛). The song has once again topped another music ranking chart, the 2011 Sportchosun Music Power Ranking for the 3rd week of January!

The winners are selected based off of music charts ranking (20%), number of broadcasts (20%), number of articles (10%), and then fan votes which accounts for 50%. Taeyeon earned 12 points for the music charts, 0 points for broadcasts, and 4 points for articles. Now be prepared for the number of votes from fans… 305,292! Dayumm, can you say power to the SONEs?!

Taeyeon (and fans of course) beat out TVXQ (who came in second place with 255,977 votes) and GD&TOP (who came in third with 17,919 votes). Congrats wittle leadah ❤

Now if fans want to helping Taengoo continue dominating this chart, please vote here and here. (I’m not sure of details for voting so I’d ask somewhere else :] )

sources; sportschosun.com , fanwonder.com
written by Boss Lady