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SNSD’s Girls’ Domination Task to be completed in Japan is mission accomplished. Of course, there’s more to do in Japan, but what I mean by this is that they’ve succeeded so quickly in their promotions in Japan. It’s just incredible! With the astonishing responses from endless SNSD fans in Japan, including the numerous positive feedback given by fan accounts from SNSD’s showcase concert and japanese celebrities, SNSD’s Asian Empire is expanding at a rapid rate. Success is how you would describe and define SNSD.

They’re simple, yet the most unique and different girls’ group existing today. The Girls’ each have their own unique talents, yet they remain incomplete without each member. They have their imperfections, but it is these that make them even stronger and admired for. They are purely cute, when they don’t have to deliberately overact it. Their style of fashion is admirable; though even with the simplest clothing they look almost perfect. They are sexy, even if they accidentally make mistakes during their performances. SNSD is NOW and FOREVER, despite the many sexy and/or cute girl groups out there.

Note: heaps for you to read!

Since their debut, SNSD’s colonisation in Asia remains an absolutely remarkable achievement noted down in music history. Like DBSK and Kara in their previous debut in Japan, SNSD has invaded into the ORICON Charts. SNSD was ranked 3rd place with their Japan DVD. This rank then boosted up to 2nd place on the 11th of August on the day of sale. Now, SNSD’s release of the Genie (Japanese) MV has exemplified their popularity in Japan. Remember the map that depicted SNSD’s Asia Colonisation? Click here to see it again. Well, aren’t we all curious where SNSD will ‘hunt’ next? Ironically, all fans representing their country are willing to be preyed upon (evident in the comments section). It’s like a vampire effect – there is repulsion and attraction. Theoretically speaking, us ‘victims’ are supposed to be repelling against a deadly and inevitable spell; yet we are all willing to be ‘preyed upon’ by SNSD’s domination. Why? Well, I do not think I need to explain this because it’s kind of obvious, don’t you think? 😀

As we can see from the Wonder Girls, they have produced Korean, Chinese AND English covers of their songs. Is it also likely that SNSD will do the same? Does this mean SNSD might head for USA next? We do not know, nor do we have any evidence at the moment. But hey, anything is possible. With Tiffany and Jessica being American, SNSD debuting an English version of their songs would definitely be a success.

But going back to their Japanese debut (trying not to go off on a tangent here), just viewing approximately 4 minutes of their Japanese Genie video has meant possibly 4 months of hard work from the Girls’. They say “what you see in a moment is equivalent to a lifetime’s work”. SNSD’s Japanese pronunciations aren’t 100% as fluent as other Japanese artists, but they do sound perfectly fine and they sang the song very well.

Just take a few seconds to imagine this. Imagine you are a member of SNSD, and you’re filming the Genie MV in Korean. You’d have to repeat the dance at least 8-10 times. Then, you would be performing the song many times on stage. NOW, you have to redo the MV and sing a Japanese version. It’s a different MV, a different (thought kind of similar to the original) concept. You’ll have to repeat the dance AGAIN for several times, and with the amount of pressure in the Japanese industry and the high expectations from the public, you will have to work extremely hard. You have to pronounce and get the Japanese words right. THEN you film it in 3D = another MV. TIRING? Of course. So when we watch their MV’s again and listen to this Japanese version of Genie, keep in mind that they’ve worked incredibly hard. SNSD’s hard work has definitely paid off, though. Their success in Japan is just amazing.

Here’s some videos that show the girls’ speaking Japanese live. If you haven’t come across these yet, then take a look. They sound pretty fluent in Japanese. If you have, then why not indulge yourself with their amazing voices once again?

Special Note: Not trying to be biased, but Yuri’s Japanese voice in this video is just amazing.

For the Taengoo & Hyoyeon lovers out there: this video is so sweet. Their Japanese sounds really good in my opinion. 😛

SNSD’s Genie in 3D? At the moment, we’ve  got two versions of the Korean version being in 3D. Whilst we await for the JAPANESE version in 3D, let’s have a look at these ones.

Note: you need the ‘red and blue’ 3D glasses for the Korean version.

Have a look and see which one you think looks better 😀

Korean 3D version:

You don’t have to wear the 3D glasses for this one 😀 (tried getting clearer version)


Credits: Kanki @ Soshified; Taeng019, kookkai359, sinkaadamka, TheSoneSource12 @ youtube.com

Written by: Annabananaz@snsdkorean.wordpress.com