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Korea Gallup confirms SNSD (Girls’ Generation) as “Singer of The Year” and two of their songs, Hoot and Oh!, also ranked as 1st and 2nd “The Most Popular Song in 2010” respectively. This is a huge feat because, as you may already know, Gallup is a professional research company which polls often referenced in the mass media as a reliable and objective measure of public opinion. That’s right, public opinion. The survey involved 3,401 random male and female citizens, aged 13 and above. SNSD ranked as #1 in almost all age group category except for the 60+ citizens.

Talk about domination, they win by a quite large margin too. This survey confirms SNSD’s popularity in general public of  South Korea. No wonder that the girls now earned the name of “the Nation’s Group” (국민가수 [Gukmin Gasoo], which is more like “the Nation’s Singer”) an upgrade from their previous “the Nation’s Girl Group” title.

Here’s the statistics for the Popular Song ranking:

The picture above is the popular song ranking for the past four years. In 2007, SNSD’s Girls’ Generation ranked 3rd with 5,6%. Even though they didn’t make it to the top 5 on 2008, but the girls managed to have two songs ranked in 1st and 2nd for two consecutive following year — Gee and Tell Me Your Wish (Genie) in 2009, Hoot and Oh! in 2010.

Gallup poll revealed that SNSD is also ranked first as the artist with most development (popularity wise, I assume?) for the past two years. Previously on 2007 and 2008, they ranked in fourth. From this statistic, we can conclude that SNSD is already quite popular since their debut in August 2007. Even with all the controversies (Dream Concert incidents, and the related so-called scandals) and nine months hiatus in 2008, the girls was still ranked fourth. Then, they only get bigger and bigger in the following years.

So Nyuh Shi Dae

SNSD: The Nation's Singers (국민가수)

I wonder how our awesome nine girls will fare next year. Even bigger, I hope. 😀

Looking back to when the girls were just debuted, all of this are simply beyond imagination. SNSD was the group that almost everybody thought they will fail and become obsolete in less than a year. This was the group that once called as “SM Entertainment’s warehouse clearance” hahaha. This was the group that considered as the group with the most anti-fans, the most hated group in K-pop… or maybe they still are? Meh, it doesn’t matter since there’s obviously MORE people who loves them. Haters gon’ hate. The girls might already have a strong fanbase and the popularity since the get go, but still, all what they have achieved was unthinkable back then. Who would’ve thought that SNSD will be THIS big? No one.

I’m not exaggerating, I swear.

As an example, I’ll show you a  quote which was an opinion from a very well-known K-drama blogger (guess who? :p) back in 2007, when SNSD was just debuted for few months:

The “female SuJu” group of plastic teenage beauties, Girls’ Generation (Sonyeo shidae), eight members strong (or is it nine? By the time I bother counting, they’ll be irrelevant and obsolete, or maybe that’s just the hope)

She’s not an anti or anything, but that was the typical sentiments towards SNSD during their first year. On the side note, I hate how the word “plastic” was like the primary adjective to describe them back then. 😡

Haha reading those kind of (old) statements always make me even prouder of what the nine girls have achieved this far. More power to you, Sonyeo Shidae! And yes, they’re only on their 3rd 4th year! This proud fan is proud. =D


credits; yoongislove@twitter, fanwonder, Gallup Korea
article by; crazy51@snsdkorean