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*freaks out in happiness*… MC YulTi is back! … (for a day) 🙂

Can I hear a “Hoot Hoot”~~


Our favorite couple duo will be the special MCs for MBC’s Show! Music Core Xmas Special on the 25th of December!


Now, I do believe a small YulTi pic spazz is appropriate in this situation. xD It was coming anyway… just needed an excuse. 🙂

YulTi’s hearts are ONE


“We attack you with eyesmiles!”


Thats right… YulTi like to touch each other 🙂


Ok….  I better stop now…. before JeTi, YoonYul, YulSic, SooRi, TaeNy shippers attack me 😛

BUT! Just cause i’m so generous I like bonuses… one more macro.


…. and maybe one more cute pic 🙂


Lastly, fellow YulTi shippers….click here ^_^ (or you could look at my avatar xD)



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