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Tiffany might hate bugs but she’ll be thankful for these!

From November 23rd to December 13th, online musical portal Bugs! conducted their online 2010 Bugs! Music Awards. The results were based entirely off of netizens’ votes and you can bet SNSD took home some awards.

There was a total of 12 categories including “Song”, “Pop Song”, “Drama OST”, and so on and so forth. 110,000 Bugs! members participated in the voting event leading to Soshi win in three categories. No big deal. The awards included Song of the Year, Music Video of the Year, and Idol of the Year. The biggest win was definitely from Song of the Year, with a total of 29,744 votes, basically doubling runner up 2AM’s votes.

With the girls winning so many ” of the year” awards, some day they’re going to get like…Idol of the Century award. Seriously.

The winners this year will receive their own recognition icon and their names will appear on a special domain acknowledging their achievements on the Bugs site. Congratulations girls and to all the other winners 🙂 A great way to end such an amazing year.

source; fanwonder.com
credits; Boss Lady
screen cap: Boss Lady